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    I've got a Magellan GPS w/ a Visor Prism and I was wondering if there was any software that I could use to interact with some sort of direction planning. I've read it's not feasible to have software on the Visor that you can punch in a start and ending destination and have it select the best route so I'm not looking for that. What I am looking for is something that I can do like look up on MapQuest or MapBlast! and have it find the directions for me and then either plot that on a map or even use the map that MapBlast gives you and shows your position with the GPS. Maybe even a software where you can do it on your PC and then transfer it over to the Visor. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Don't accept all you hear. The Europeans some how figured how to do it on a Palm OS. See the Tomtom site: and also on the same site the Street Planner software,, ,that runs on other PDA. To bad we can't get it for cities in the USA.
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    for what area do you want to use it?
    If you are looking for the european area - you can use GDATA software covering Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all major european cities.
    Check out:
    But this site is in german language.

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    zef: Ah ya, I've passed by that software. I didn't realize it did routing based on a street level. Doesn't matter though since the US version is only for between cities and doesn't do street level.

    Chris: I'm looking for at least California in the US.
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    Originally posted by Darknght
    Chris: I'm looking for at least California in the US.

    no street level maps for California - too bad. I thought I could get some when travelling to California. Did you check Rand Mc Nally? Maybe they offer some. Have a "normal" street map from them here and they served me well while beeing in California. Maybe they also have a PDA version.

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    Rand McNally allows you to map the route on the PC and then download the route to the Palm.
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    No route calculating on the handheld.
    Hmm that is actually not what I am looking for. Any other idea for programs that will do this on a street map basis?

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    I am using it for travel and find accurate and convenient. It has street level mapping but NO routing. I e-mailed the developers and apparently a routing capability is being thought of. Its not trivial though to implement it on Palm OS!

    Another app I just started using is TripMaker from RandMcNally. I got a 1999 version for $10 (micorcenter closeout) and though it does only city to city routing and I have to run it on Virtual PC on my Mac; it does have US, Canada and Mexico; supports GPS; has a Palm app into which you can dowload fairly detailed trip directions in text; I plan to use it in conjunction with Quovadis.

    I also got StreetFinder 2000 from RandMcNally ($5 from Best Buy closeout) - what a waste! Its good for mapping addresses but it is clunky and its Palm companion app is horrible.
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    thanks for that hint. Looks like Rand McNally needs some more time. I will check out the Quo Vadis software. Does it tell you on a street map basis where you are, I mean has it street maps for every city (especially NYC and California)?


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