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    Does anyone know if there's a software version of sony's emarker? I would rather buy software and have it all on 1 device rather than buy another gadget to carry around - my handspring's always within reach anyways!

    Check out for details on what the emarker does: Here's a quick clip from their website:

    Here’s how it works:

    Hear a great song on the radio...
    Press the button to make an eMark...
    Plug the eMarker into your PC- finds you the song, artist, CD info Sound Clips and more!
    Finding your music has never been this easy
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    I do not know of the existence of such a program, however I remember having a conversation about the emarker a while ago in the Developers Corner. Checking ... Here it is. About six months ago Visorholic and I chatted about various approaches to writing and about the legal issues of such a program. I do not know how far V. may have gotten. V. has not posted here since March, so V. might be no longer around. I will send V. a private message and see if we get a reply.
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    It works well on my vpl and omnisky modem. It's a pqa.
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    This would be even better if it wasn't a pqa but rather a regular app. Then when you HotSync, it would show you the name of the song.

    Maybe that's a better solution?
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    Why would that be better? I'd much prefer to find out a song title in real time rather than waiting until I got home to HotSynch. If you're driving, and you have immediate access to the song title with a PQA, you might be near a record store to make the purchase. Or you could switch over to the Amazon/other e-com PQA/website and order it right on the spot.
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    The eMarker isn't even intelligent to tell you what song, it simply makes a bookmark at the time you click one of its preset. Then when you plug it in it brings you to their website & then lists ALL the radio stations in your area and what song they were playing at that time, its up to you to decide which song it was.
    Matt Nichols
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    The reason it's better is:

    A) not everyone has a wireless enabled palm

    B) You're more likely to get more information about it when you're at your computer, on the net rather then if you're in the car... just my opinion.
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    I think may be the the guys to develop this software - I definitely don't want it as a pqa - too much work. My ideal operation would be:

    1. dedicate one of the hard keys to "mark" the song
    2. when I sync up with my computer - it builds a bookmark list of all the songs I've marked and keeps that list going until I remove a song from the bookmark list
    3. Clicking on a song on my bookmark list also has additional information - artist, album, etc...
    4. This allows me to buy it from brick and mortar stores or look it up on the web and buy it from web stores.

    I know their business model is trying to link into web purchases - but they could easily expand into the retail chains like sam goody, tower records, etc... for additional revenue, maybe showing who has it on sale that week, etc..

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