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    In particular I want the launch screen to have custom images that I make from the PC.

    I saw one company made some but the icons turn to one color. :-(

    Is there a launcher that supports this? Or some other utility?

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    Read this thread.
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    This thread is about the very app I said in my first message I disliked :-( I got all excited thinking there must be some little mention of a better app in that thread but no luck.

    The thing I hate about TwilightEdge's GC Backdrop is that it makes the icons 1 color (so you get pretty pictures with yellow blobs all over it). This is in direct conflict with my goal to make the OS look better.

    And the thread reminded me of the price which I forgot was insane... $18?!?!

    I'll consider if it is $5-8, and its 16 bit in both foreground and background. Maybe in subsequent revs it can be all that, and I'll buy it.

    In the meantime, I'm back at my first post... is there any OTHER backdrop apps? :-)

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    I've tried looking for other background apps with no luck. There's a launcher utility called SilverScreen which, together with ChromaCast has themes for different looks, but it doesn't change the background, nor does it offer more than one color for icons.

    Interestingly, I've been most satisfied with Background CG's "default" setting, which isn't really the default. It's an grey outline illustration of the Earth over a white background, with indigo icons in the foreground. I actually find it more attractive and more readable than black text. I find that one theme usable enough to (barely) justify the $18 price tag. That may not be what you wanted to hear, but I don't you'll have better luck than I did finding a background program that meets your criteria.

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