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    I have Treo 755. My Home button will not turn-on my screen. Once the
    Treo is activated by any other button the Home button operates normally.
    It just will not turn on the screen.

    After a hard reset, but before I load my software from my SD card backup, the Home button DOES turn-on the screen.

    So, I figure it is some 3rd party app that is interfering.
    Anybody seen this or know what 3rd party software could be doing this?
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    My home button does not wake my 755 either. I'm not sure if it ever did? I would guess it may have to do with Butler or Phone Tech for me - but I am only guessing and can't imagine life without either one of these so I would rather live with a useless home button.
    Plus if you do not have either one of those installed then the situation is not the same for you.
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    FWIW, my home button does turn my 755 on.

    I'm using Launcher X with the checkbox "Default Launcher" checked in preferences so that the home button opens to Launcher X, not the default Applications application. But I'm pretty sure that even before I had Launcher X installed, home woke up my 755.

    I do notice that my side button (normally assigned to Voice Memo) doesn't wake up my 755. Bummer, I'd hoped to assign that to a useful application, but sort of defeats the purpose if it takes two button presses to get there.
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    My home button wakes up my Treo too.

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