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    I'm curious what operating distances people see with their bluetooth headsets. I started with a 650 and eventually, after trying many brands and models, accepted the fact that no bluetooth headset would work without a direct line of sight to the 650. If worn in my breast pocket my head would block the signal. In my pants pocket my arm would block it. Depending on how much it was blocked I'd get various levels of static.

    When the 755 came out I had hoped things would be different but I noticed only marginally improved reception distance with the OEM Treo headset and a Sony HBH-608. I bought a Plantronics 640 and it similarly needed direct line of sight....though it would mostly work in the breast pocket.

    I would have thought that things couldn't improve if I hadn't also tried a Motorola HS-850b. It works in my breast pocket, pants pocket...even through walls. It is the first headset I've even tried that actually works anywhere near the advertised distance.

    What headsets have you tried that worked over extended distances?
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    I use the Plantronics 510 with a 700p (pre-MR) and I get good distance -- at least 25 feet and through walls. Turns out I don't think it's a supported device for pre-MR. But it works well.
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    I get 20-25 feet, possibly more, I had to turn the corner. When it wasnt a direct line of site, the headset got static-y, but didnt lose the connection. I was testing dialing my voice mail, so I dont know how I would have sounded to someone else. I have a Nokia bh-600.
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