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    The firmware upgrade trashed my treo 700p and the two replacements sent by Verizon. I have virtually no network connectivity; just error 3000s and freezes. I have service numbers set up with Verizon and Palm; neither entity is in a hurry to do anything. Verizon can't find me a unit with the previous firmware version. So I need to ditch the 700p. My law firm has palm-synching office and contacts software (practicemaster) but I can push the calendar through outlook. I think I'm SOL on the contacts.

    My question: What Verizon device do you recommend I ask Verizon to give me?
    I guess I'm leaning to the 700w. Please advise--
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    "trashed" ?
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    "Trashed" overstates the case. It trashed the network connectivity; there are several threads about the issue below. It still works as a phone, but does not allow me to access my $45/month "unlimited data plan."

    Here are the verizon phones available in my area.

    I have played a little with a motorola q and I like the form factor, plus I am reluctant to get another palm device-- should I get a Q?
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    My Treo 700p experienced constant ERROR 3000 issues after the update, and yesterday started getting PPP Timeout errors. I was transferred to a supervisor who said "I feel your pain" and is sending me a brand new 700wx as a replacement for my 700p. She said they don't normally do this, but that my case was an exception.

    My first device was actually a 700w a year ago but ended up exchanging it within the 14 day period for a 700p because the 700w had inadequate memory. I believe the 700wx fixes this issue, so I should be happy with the replacement.

    Folks, there's a reason the Palm Operating System is known as POS...
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    After talking with Verizon for an hour, they insist they are sending me a pre-MR (1.06) referb version of the 700P because of my network complaints. I'll believe it when I see it. I am trying to sort this out in my mind, do I go back and suffer the 1.06 problems (re-install all my apps to minimize any additional issues) or keep the network issues ... all until Palm sorts the MR out if they ever do or wait until the V crew gets the 755 and cut a deal to get that one.

    We will see.
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    Verizon told me (in an email from a service rep) "I am also looking into the possibility of getting a Palm Treo without the software update 1.10 but the new s/w updates have been put into the replacements available in our warehouse. I contacted the stores in the VA area, but the Treo 700p is not available at the locations I have contacted."

    Meanwhile, I'm really in a bind. The 700w will be a real mess for me as a PIM, but at least it'll get emails and net access. I'm still struggling with what to do.
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    go for the treo 755, u dont want to loose money on the 3rd party apps u have for the treo 700p
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    Well I’m dubious as he asked his fellow reps around him and confirmed that their central warehouse does have them and can send out the 1.06 version. He will “request” the 1.06 version since he doesn’t have the visibility to what they actually have. I honestly don’t believe him, but I have been wrong before. I point blank did not try to get a 700WX if I could have brokered that deal. I Just don’t want to throw my Palm apps right now and I just can’t deal with the screen resolution of WM5. If a WM6 device does come out then I’ll cross that bridge.

    Bottom line if they end up sending a 1.10 version, its just going back. If its 1.06…I just don’t know yet. PALM JUST NEEDS TO FIX THIS ASAP and save a bunch of folks a lot of time and angst.

    We rely on these things and gets used to the functionality and expectations of what the device is supposed to do…it just doesn’t do it.
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    i would not accept the 1.06 device either, thats me....

    i would say, why would i want a device that never lived up to what it was suppose to do , that is the reason why palm released an update for it...

    with 1.06 u are going back to all the original problems that the update was released for...bluetooth, ptunes skipping, phone screen lag.. i would say that i paid for a working phone, not a beta phone

    get a phone that works, treo 755

    treo 700p, which ever software u have, there are problems
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    I don't believe the 755 is available on Verizon, and even if it was, after this experience I have absolutely no confidence in adequate support for PalmOS.

    I'm welcoming the 700wx with open arms to save me from POS hell.
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    I dont feel Palm is working on this at all. And why stick w/ a device that doesnt work because you've got vested $$ in apps into it. I've already traded some functionality for Stability. If Palm followed the apple suit (Kiss your customer's *** and give them what they want) we wouldn't be here. I've spent about $60 on apps for my Treo and well if I dont use the Treo because the phone reboots, BT doesnt work or I cant connect to the internet then why bother. These days I turn the Radio off and use it as a plain out PDA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by italiangspot View Post
    go for the treo 755, u dont want to loose money on the 3rd party apps u have for the treo 700p
    ohaness already hit this-- 755p is not available on Verizon.
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    the time it comes out, which i heard news that it is...palm will still be working on a fix for the treo 700p, so the option might be there, but just not right now...
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    Here is my dream (obviously not reality) If Verizon had any guts and a bit of customer service, they could quickly force Palm to resolve it overnight...just threaten not to sell the 755 until fixed. That would require two things...Palm only get paid (gets revenue) for phones Verizon sells and Verizon is really looking out for us slugs...again dreaming here...
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    Get a BB8830 from verizon.. my friend did it and he said its like a blessing... no problems what so ever
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    Verizon's sending me a 650 as a stopgap measure. Unfortunately my contact/case/calendar managment software is palm-dependent. That will have to change...

    Anybody ever try to put a 700P backupbuddy backup on a 650? Probably a bad idea....
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    Verizon sent you a 650 as a stopgap measure for what? Do you know what will they eventually replace it with? I think it may be wise to push for a Windows Mobile device -- they seem to have far fewer problems and all of the current, modern software development is happening on that platform.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyS View Post
    Folks, there's a reason the Palm Operating System is known as POS...
    Did you mean Piece Of Shyte...
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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