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    Palm Buddy is a Macintosh only application which allows instant and direct linking to your PalmOS device (independently of the HotSync Manager). While linked you can browse through every application, database, library etc on your pda and do drag and drop installs and deletions on-the-fly. It's super helpful when I want to just install a bunch of files without hotsyncing or selectively delete or backup some files but not others.
    you can read about it at <url></url>

    What it dosen't do is connect through USB.

    So does anybody know if there is any product on the Windows side that has similar functionality? And supports USB connectivity? This is not the same as 'Backup Buddy' which only moves every file back and forth from your PDA to Computer. It's more like Windows Explorer for your Palm except you control it from the computer.

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    I e-mailed the author a couple of weeks ago about the lack of USB, and a new version is under development that includes USB support along with other improvements. Don't know when it'll be released, though. Hopefully soon, because it's quite a useful program, and there aren't any other Mac-syncing alternatives out there that I know of.
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    I'd also be interested in a Windows Version of this PalmBuddy. This sounds like an excellent program.

    Anyone know anything about its availability?


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