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    Can anyone recommend a good reference for synching via BT? I have a 755p and a Toshiba m400 tablet / WinXP, and they do not seem to want to talk to each other. They see each other, but going through the setup on each never goes anywhere. Why am I being asked to set up a dial-up modem connection on tablet? Are they supposed to talk via port 40? Lots of frustration here...
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    first have you created a virtual serial port on your pc?

    are they paired?

    Have you followed the instructions on the hotsync app for BT sync?
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    Yep, done all this repeatedly. I've created/deleted/and recreated virtual ports without much success.
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    The only thing I can tell you to try is to delete ALL your virtual porst youve created.

    Delete the PC from your trusted sources in your Treo.

    Warm (not soft) reset your Treo and restart your PC.

    Try the steps one more time. MAKE SURE youve deleted ALL of your virtual ports before you restart your PC.

    I know its not much help but its one last try right?
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