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    I accidently posted this under the VDX forum, but would like your input on Christian software.

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    One of our first reviews was for MyBible, which is a very nice app.
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    This was posted @BelieverPUG and looks very nice. Olive Tree says that searches take about six seconds on a Visor!

    "OliveTree is giving BelieverPUG first crack at an updated version of
    their software which includes three very interesting new features.

    #1 A search feature that lists all instances of a word or group of
    words in a given range of scripture.
    #2 A new verse chooser screen that lets the user navigate to most
    verses in the Bible in just 3 taps.
    #3 A new help section that highlights the BibleReader features and
    how to use them.

    Clearly #1 is going to be the big deal. However, I played around
    with the new verse chooser and think it is the feature that is going
    to be the most helpful to me in my daily use of the program. I'm
    looking forward to all the discussion this update should create.

    The beta for this new version is at:

    The above page also outlines the search parameters and options which
    BibleReader supports.

    Not all Bible versions and translations have been updated to take
    advantage of this new search feature. An entirely new file format has
    been created. It looks like there are about 8 download options right
    now. Old databases will still work with the reader, but at least one
    new Bible database has to be downloaded and installed to try out the
    new search feature.

    Direct any feedback or support questions to:

    My understanding of these features is that they are ready for a
    public beta. This means anyone wanting to check them out should
    expect them to work, but should not be surprised if they experience a
    bug or two. Generally nothing worse than a soft reset will be
    required. Those who don't like that kind of thing won't have to wait
    long for a stable release they can test. We'll keep you posted.

    Visit our website for downloads, links, chat, and more! "

    Remember that this is beta test software.
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    I use MarkMyScriptures. It has a KJV of the bible and is a really nice program. I haven't used Mybible or any of the others since I found MarkMyScriptures. I have even used the program MakeMyScriptures to convert some books over to the same format (Harry Potter). It worked great!

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