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    I have a problem with my SD cards "dismounting" after an incoming phone call. I have tried all sizes and brands of cards and I have tried to isolate the problem by eliminating all third party software that could be causing the issue. I am presently using a program called "Cradel Care" that monitors the SD card and alerts me when the SD Card is "removed". If I place an outgoing call and hang up all is well, however if someone calls me and then I hang up the card dismounts and the alarm goes off every time. I have concluded that the problem must be in the Palm OS or in the built in phone application. Is there anyone else out there having this issue or is it just my Treo? Your thoughts on this problem would be most welcome.
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    I am having a problem where my SD card dismounts but it is not after receiving incoming calls. It happens at random times when the phone is not being used at all. Sometimes if I notice it and let it be and it will eventually come back but if I need to use the card then I have to reset the phone for it to come back. I have no idea why this has started to happen. I would love to find a solution for this.

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