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    Where on the Treo 680 can you modify what programs are used to read what file extensions.

    e.g. I'm using Chatteremail and want to open a .WAV file. It presents me with the choices of 'sound or voice memo' (neither work). I know TCPMP works and have used it, but can't find where to make the association for it?

    And I rather not spend the $19.99 to use Resco File Explorer for what should be a basic change.
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    Palm Os is program centric rather than file centric. ie. If you want to open the wav in TCPMP, open up TCPMP and browse for it. I think that chattermail is making its own associations and you should be alright as long as chattermail saves attachments to SD card. If TCPMP can't then find it you probably need something like the freeware program filez to move it to a directory that TCPMP scans.

    Good luck
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    the issue is actually with the app. It needs to register with the exchange manager to let the OS know that it can handle a particular filetype.

    TCMP doesn't seem to do this at all - it is very annoying...
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