This is a very slim and nice looking holster for the treo.

However I have a few complaints.
1. There is a metallic button on the inside of the holster!! What the heck!?? How could they over look this? This little metallic button is totally going to scratch the finish on my 755P. RIght now I put the screen facing out, because better to scratch the back battery cover than to scratch the keys or even worse, the screen.

2. While the phone is very snug in the case, it is difficult to pry out of the holster smoothly. Maybe time will loosen this thing up, but I wish it had an opening at the bottom where I could push my finger through to help the treo push out of the holster.

3. There is no cover on top... if one day I find myself upside down, my treo is going to be the first thing that falls out.

Anyone else have these problems?

I think the SPE Top pouch:
may work better for my needs since it has openings at the bottom to help push the treo out and it also has a magnetic loop closure on top.

I've been using the SPE P7 side pouch for a while now:
and didn't realize that a top pouch saves so much more room and gives less of an awkward "buldge" when my shirt is not tucked in.