Hi, I'm trying to fix a config problem with Chatteremail 3.0.8:

Sprint CDMA 755p
Mircosoft Exchange Server 2003

I've been using Chatter for about a month without any problem. For the past week or more, I've been noticing that instead of indicating "listen" in the bottom right, it's got the blue envelope icon instead. When this happens, it doesn't reflect changes both ways in the outbox (Outlook vs. Chatter). Oddly enough, I can still send and receive messages when it's like this.

But more importantly, when it's stuck like that, it seems that the Treo is still transmitting the entire time and it sucks the battery dry. This happened 3 times so far, one time without any battery use at all - no calls or incoming/outgoing messages.

The Treo is in good data coverage areas where it's never had a signal problem before. I have all the Chatter settings configured for low battery consumption. But it still seems to be getting stuck in this mode and sucking the battery dry.

Anyone have any ideas?