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    I originally bought a plantronics 510 headset because it received great reviews from many people. It worked great at first, but after a while, it disconnected, and people on the other end couldn't hear me. I was this tiny voice. Well, as I found out after I bought the thing, it's not compatible with the 700p. So I gave it to my cousin.

    So I've been on a search for the last two months for a headset that fits my bill. It seems that the Jawbone and the jx-10 fit the best. I'm looking for great sound and background noise filtering. It also has to stay connected. So, I'm wondering what experiences people have had on both of these headsets.

    I'm also open to other recs. Anyone's experience is greatly appreciated.

    p.s. I saw heavy dooty's post already. Thanks!
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    I have had both. You can't beat the Jawbone for sound quality and noise filtering. The earhook on the Jawbone can be a pain but most people have removed it and installed jabra eargels. I did have a problem with connections being dropped before and after the MR (not while on the phone, usually right after a call). Last Friday I received the Bluevision Mr Handsfree version II speakerphone from Treo Central Store. I'm really starting to like it. It hasn't dropped the bluetooth connection once, pairs easily and is compact for a speakerphone. So here are my favorites in order.

    1. MR Handsfree Bluevision II speakerphone
    2. Jawbone
    3. Jabra JX-10

    I haven't used my JX 10 for months. I will keep the jawbone in the car as a backup.
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    i agree jawbone is good but will disconnect from the 700p on occasion (not while on the call - just after you hand up). good news is it beeps in your ear when it disconnects! usually just pressing the button like you are answering a call connects it again.

    JX-10 is solid for connection but sound quality is not as good as Jawbone. I have had people complain about sound quality on the JX-10.

    I am sticking with JB for now.
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    I've tried several headsets before the MR, and please forgive me if I get the names and numbers wrong: the jabra 250, 350, 520 (all hand-me-downs from various sources), a motorola I borrowed, and lastly the Jawbone after the MR update.

    Before the update the headsets would cause the phone to reset shortly after pairing, when answering or hanging up a call, or hell just anytime. It was somewhat unpredictable. Sound quality sucked with lots of static, etc. I basically had to hold the phone away from my body (I wear a belt pouch) for BT to sound good, IF it even worked. BT was unusable IMO.

    After I finally got the MR to work without bricking the phone BT is 100x better and the JB really sounds good and pairs well. I still have issues of the headset connecting and disconnecting occationally but I have never had the 700p reset like described above, or drop calls.

    The JB sounds great, fits well for me, and people tell me that I'm clear, etc. even with the windows down driving. I have a contractor associate who calls me from noisy job sites with his JB and the voice clarity is quite noticable over the banging and etc. that are commonplace on building job sites. I'd recommend the JB.
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    I only have the JX-10 and its the first and only Bluetooth headset. I've never had the JB. From my experience the JX-10 is pretty dam good. It ocasionally picks up unwanted background noise from a my turn signal when im making a turn, or a tv about 10 feet in front of me when its on low. As far bluetooth connectivity on the Treo, don't rely on it too heavily. Before and after my VZW MR its pretty done much done the same thing. Sometimes when the connectivity on it is lost the Treo doesn't recognize it and when I get an incoming call.. BAM.. REBOOT.

    Only other Con I can make towards the JX-10 is the flimsly pastic ear clip. Both of mine broke within 2 months, but you can get free replacements via

    I'll say this about it when I have it connected to my Blackberry 7520. The thing is Super solid and it has RANGE (ive tested up to 80 feet). The Treo's BT stack doesn't hold a candle to at least my work BB's Bluetooth.

    At the time the JX-10 was out and was one of the more pricier devices out there but I scored it cheaper at Costco for $99. Its a winner in my book.
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    I have the JX10. As long as it stays reasonably charged, it works fine and stays connected. If you don't charge it regularly, it will start dropping the bluetooth connection and cause resets on the 700P. As another posted noted, it is also predisposed to picking up a bit too much background noise. Hell, I've had to turn of the A/C in the truck because people can hear it. LOL

    Surprisingly, when I connect it to my old, reliable Motorola V710, no one has a problem hearing me. I also don't get complaints about background noise then either. I have not tried other BT headsets because the success of the JX10 on that phone makes me believe it is a 700P problem.
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    Jawbone had horrible sound quality for me.
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    I have owned both. The Jabra is the better form factor. It is smaller, lighter, and seemed to do a good job of staying connected. The outgoing sound quality, though, was not good. The problem was when I was in a noisy environment my voice would clip in and out and would be unintelligible to the person I was talking to. The noise cancellation is not good.

    The Jawbone is the headset I am using now. It is not perfect. It is kind of large compared to the JX-10, but the outgoing sound quality is excellent. Incoming sound is a little tinny, but is definitely loud enough to hear even on the freeway at high speeds. The Jawbone does disconnect intermittently, but never on a call. It usually immediately reconnects. The annoying thing about it is that whenever it disconnects, it beeps three times in your ear. If there was a way to turn off the beeping that would make me happy.

    Of all the headsets I have owned, I am most happy with the Jawbone.
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