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    Maybe I didn't search well, but has anyone installed an after-market BT car kit? Motorola has three kits that are touted to provide intergrated BT speakerphone capabilites (through the vehicles audio system).

    Here is a link to one of the units at the TC Store:

    I believe that installation is an additional 139.00.
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    I use a Parrot 3200 and it is awesome! Mic is great, sound is loud and clear thorugh my car's audio, call handling is easy, pairing is awesome (the only Treo I have owned that was slow to pair was the 680, which still paired just slowly, but my 650, 750 and 755 all paired great) and I found their customer service to be very good. I have had it in my car for about a year now and could not live without it! I think I bought mine from Cell Hut online but that was a little while ago. installion was a little steep but I think that is mostly due to the fact that I had a factory sub/amp in my car which made the wiring a little tricky. Actually, due to a customer service issue, I ended up with an extra 3200 that i would be willing to let go for a very fair cost, PM me if you are interested I can give you some more details.
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    I've been using the standalone kit from mr handsfree, the bluevision II. It works well, very pleased just wish the 700P's bluetooth didn't suck so bad. $129.00 at Treo Central Store.

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