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    I have discovered that I cannot seem to use an underscore in any passwords with the Treo. I can see how to enter the underscore (option-dash-alt and select _), and it works fine as a user name. But not in a password. I see it enter before the display changes to a *, but no site recognizes it. Anyone else seeing this? Am I missing something?
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    I haven't tried it, but how about copying and pasting it next time. That might help.
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    You could try menu -keyboard-abc-shift
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    You can also press (option-dash-alt) and then continue typing the remainder of your password and the underscore is inserted automatically. Don't know if that will help with your problem, but it saves a bit of time..
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    I have tried all of the above. The only thing that worked was removing underscores from passwords.
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    I was able to get '_' both in Blazer (the mostly masked passwords) and outside of Blazer (the "bring up a box" passwords). I had to type '-' first, then hit Alt. A throwback to the 600/650 days where pressing Alt only brought up a menu with a few alternate options after a particular key was pressed.

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