I am sure that there are some smart people over at Good working on the WM GMM application. But whoever is ultimately responsible for its final code and testing is a few cards short of a full deck. So if Good does not want 5.0 to be another in a long string of release failures, I will give them the best advice they have gotten to date.

Leak the 5.0 code to a site like xdadevelopers and let the really smart people fix it and test it for you. Once they have a solid version, Good can simply download it off of the xda site and push it out to their users. It will cut about 6 months off of their development cycle and it will actually work with multiple devices.

I am amazed at how well this group of folks at xda has taken an entire OS (WM6) and picked it apart and tweaked it in just a few days. If Good would follow suit it might not take them 9 months to fix and release their buggy software. Any other company would fix such fatal shortcomings in a matter of weeks and release specific patches. But Good's only response is "wait for 5.0"...and wait...and wait (still no specific release date).

Of course they will also tell you to upgrade to whatever the latest release is. But they won't tell you that this only trades some bug fixes for entirely new bugs.

Here is the irony of their "just upgrade" solution. Good touts themselves as the best solution for large fleets of devices. If this is true then they should understand that no large company just rolls out new software upgrades to its fleet without a thorough testing period (yes Good, some companies do use quality control before releasing software to its users). Good always glosses over the fact that implementing new versions out here in the real world is a huge investment of time and money. Especially with the fact that each release requires a hard reset whereafter GMM has to be the very first thing loaded back on. Then all other 3rd party apps and customizations have to be reloaded in order to have a clean install. Multiply this process by a few hundred devices and you have quite a support nightmare on your hands. This is why many companies are refusing to implement Good's recent version "upgrades".