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    I am a pretty happy 700p user, without many resets or problems, and I DON'T have the Verizon MR. I just started noticing that dozens and dozens of my contacts are suddenly appearing with the same anniversary. The anniversary is valid for one contact, and the rest of the contacts previously had no anniversary entered, and seem to be near (alphabetically) the one contact with the valid date.

    I did a search and found only one passing reference to this problem. any ideas? I use takephone and 2day, datebk6 and chatter. But none of these have acted strangely and i've been using these applications for a long time withoy a problem.

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    I think what happened is, when you entered in the date for one contact you scrolled down/up and it entered it into the other contacts that were close to.

    I did this exact same thing when I first got the phone. I was entering in contact info and would use the 5-way pad to scroll down (I thought) within that contact but it was really going to the next contact. I'm pretty sure this was the problem. I think I caught myself once thinking I was in a certain contact but was in another. So that sounds like the same issue for you.

    Anyway, I just went and deleted all the wrong anniversary information and was more careful from then on entering contact info.
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    thanks for the reply. I don't think that was the problem. There were over 50 affected contacts, several of which have been added within the last month. I added the anniversary to the original contact over a year ago and haven't edited it since.
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    i had this happen to all 1200+ contacts. Now they all have their aniversway on my wedding aniversay date. Guess I won't be forgeting that date with 1200+ alerts! :O
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    The best way I've found is to make the "ContactsANIndex-PAdd" file read-only (with FileZ or similar), and not enter any anniversary dates into contacts...

    - mvk
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    Judging by the title,

    I thought this was going to be a much more interesting thread. My bad.

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    No idea but the same thing has happened to me. 2 weeks ago was my anniversary an on that day I had 8-10 people show up as having the same anniversary. And it was a strange mix.... some personal, some business. Some I copied from my wife's TX and others I created.

    Another Palm feature I guess.

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    I too had that same problem. There were over 50 contacts with the same anniversary date, (my wedding anniversary) It was odd that there were personal, work and business contacts. It was during the same time I could not sync with my Palm Desktop. It would hang for hours on "Contacts". I switched over to Outlook 2007 (which I like much better) and had to manually delete the offending Anny dates from both my computer and handheld. So far no problems.

    Thanks Palm for another great feature!

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