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    callling on former Lifedrive users...

    Did you miss the big screen? Did you miss the built-in wifi? Did you miss the big capacity of the LD?

    I am hugely contemplating selling my LD and getting a Treo 755p instead. Work has been unfavorable to carrying two devices and it got me thinking of goin the smartphone route already... I just want feedback from you guys who came from a LifeDrive also

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    I'm 99% ready to do the same thing, just as soon as the 755p hits Verizon.

    Anyone who's already made this leap, how did you handle the transfer of data and apps from the hard drive, and how did that go?
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    From 2005 to 2006, I went from a LifeDrive to a TX to a 700p. The LifeDrive, in its initial launch state, still ranks up there as the worst PDA/handheld device I've ever owned (I had two of 'em but I didn't keep them long enough for the 2.0 update to appear).

    Going from the TX to the 700p, I still miss the large screen, the stereo 3.5mm headphone jack, the wi-fi, the 128mb of RAM and the larger hard buttons.

    In the 700p's favor, the backlit buttons, brighter/whiter LCD, removable battery, voice recorder, vibrate alarm, and "internet anywhere" are nifty features. The 8gb SDHC support has been a huge improvement for the 700p as well. But the lag, random resets, BT quirks etc. really have made it a rather dismal experience for me personally.

    So in short, the TX (and the LD in theory) has more "major" features (more memory, wi-fi, big screen) but the 700p has a bunch of little nice touches that the last batch of Palm handhelds lacked.

    Now after 2 dud 700p's in a row (1.06 and 1.10) on VZW, I'm hoping they get the 755p on their network ASAP and I can somehow get a replacement out of them. Now I'll have to deal with reduced capacity batteries, a marginally smaller LCD & keyboard (lacking backlighting on certain keys), and the terrible downgrade from fullsizse SDHC to miniSD but I'll have improved phone performance, more stable OS overall, and a sleeker formfactor.
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    callling on former Lifedrive users...

    Did you miss the big screen?
    Not a Lifedrive user, but just went from a Tx to a 755p, and can comment on losing the big screen.

    I really thought I'd miss it more than I have. Compared to my old Tx, the 755p screen is shorter (320 vs. 480 pixels high), but also smaller (the screen is physically narrower, although still 320 pixels wide - i.e. more pixels per inch).

    The nice surprise is that IMO the 755p screen is brighter, more saturated, and seems to render color more accurately than my old Tx.

    I was a little worried I'd have trouble reading the smaller screen, but text is very crisp and my aging eyes have no trouble.

    I was worried that I'd miss the screen real estate. In practice, I had the DIA popped up most of the time on the Tx, so actual usable area is the same in general use. And it's so much nicer and faster to type on the Treo than use Graffiti II or the onscreen keyboard.

    I like to watch video on my PDA when traveling (full screen landscape mode on the Tx), and was worried I couldn't read subtitles on foreign stuff. No problem, and while obviously smaller, the picture looks better because of the brightness and color improvement.

    Sure, I wish the screen on my treo was bigger. But I wouldn't give up the keyboard to get a bigger screen. And I don't regret switching.
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    What dw said.

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