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    How do I get my pc to recognize the hardware? - all of a sudden it says it doesnt recognize my TREO 650 when I try to hot sync - I just recently set it to sync with Outlook instead of Palm desktop and now the PC doesnt recognize it. Ive reloaded the palm software for the 650 and go through the installation, but when I get to step 2(syncing), it wont work(PC doesnt recognize hardware - up until now - I've been able to sync with Palm desktop for years. Please help if you can. Thanks.
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    Dante, Just for the heck of it (and this probably isn't the problem) but right click on the hotsync icon down by the clock and make sure the 'local USB' is checked. I've had that get unchecked for whatever reason and that was all it took for it to find my Treo.
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    If it weren't so funny and it workded I wouldn't venture to repeat it here:

    Lick your Treo.......
    No, really - lick the contacts at the bottom of your Treo!!

    Saliva is a conductor.

    It could be as simple as the contacts are dirty. Clean the contacts and wiggle the treo and your cable to make sure all contacts are, well, making contact.

    It's worked for me and others I have mentioned it to.
    It's all in the use of language in how one conveys this tip

    Hope it works for you.
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    Holy s**t! This works. I always have trouble syncing, plugging and unplugging (terrible connector by the way), wiggling, holding... I gave this solution a shot and it worked! Many thanks!

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