Hi, I just tried to re-install Goodlink 4.8 on my Windows Mobile 2003
SE. It was an OTA install, I put in my email and the PIN. The setup
proceeds to install. During the final step in setup - that's where the install gets stuck. This happens on the same screen that reads "The device must be uncradled for Goodlink Install to continue". When I click on the Details, it shows Connection Details, all services (email, calendar,
contacts, etc.) show status of "Not Connected". I don't believe this is a
connection issue, because I could go to IE and access any website.

Pic 1 of where it gets stuck before install completes:
Pic 2 of the detail screen:

I've tried clearing the phone's memory for a clean install, but
reinstall would do the same thing.

Any suggestion on what the problem could be?