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    i see now you do not need the card install option and the instructions are different from a week ago, can someone explain?

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    If you have not applied the MR yet, don't do it; it solves few issues and creates many new ones.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    Yup - what he said.
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    Biggest advantage of installing the new update is that BT headsets SOUND better to those on the other end (a very big improvement) and many pair more quickly and stay paired longer.

    You get a couple new features, too...Google map integration with contacts, app switcher, etc.

    Quite a few things (still) not fixed, although I believe the upgrade is worth it for the #1 reason above.

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    I installed the MR for better BT and I got it...along with some other things I didn't have before, i.e. the tones issue and the fuzzy/brown text issue.

    Overall I'm glad I updated as the improved BT makes the phone useful enough to keep till the end of contract.

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