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    Background: I've had my Treo 650 for a couple years and have generally been very pleased with it. Before that I owned dozens of Palm, WindowsCE/Mobile and Psion devices...usually upgrading every year. The 650 was my first integrated phone/PDA device. While there was always a device that would do one thing better I've never found a device that did everything like the Treo.

    I've been reading about newer models like the 700, 680 and 750 for a while, but didn't read about any improvements that were big enough to make me "have" to upgrade...until I caught wind of the SERO plan from Sprint.

    I've been paying $150 a month for 2500 minutes and unlimited data from Earthlink. Went with Earthlink (from Verizon) when the 650 came out because they only charged $200 for the 650 (vs. $400 from Verizon) and they offered unlimited data plans for $30 (vs. $60 for Verizon at the time.) At the time, that was a deal but unlimited data plan prices have been coming down and I have been using less and less it was definitely time to shop the plans.

    Was amazed that I could get a Sprint plan with unlimited data, unlimited picture mail and unlimited text messages for $30 per month. Even more pleased to find the 755p for $200.

    The Transfer:

    At these prices I also moved my wife from Verizon. She was on a very old 1000 minute anytime plan for $40 a month. So the combined savings was $130 per month!!!!

    My wife's transfer went very smooth. When the phone arrived I called customer service and asked for her old number to be transferred. Within two hours her new phone was working with her old number.

    My experience was decidingly worse...and it is no fault of Sprint. In fact, I am very impressed with Sprint's customer service. They went wayyyyy beyond what I've come to expect from customer service to try to transfer my number.

    Earthlink was the problem. They canceled my account before the transfer. Then, they required me to create a new account to get the number back (which they still had working on my phone.) Then they said they would Sprint would need to put in a new request for the number. Sprint can't do this without a response from the first request. Earthlink said that would take "up to 72 hours." Then another 72 hours to respond to the second request. It might take 6 days to get the number to Sprint!

    The customer service guys at Sprint were as exasperated as me. They told me it should take minutes...even seconds to accept or reject a transfer request. They never heard of it taking 3 days.

    In the meantime Earthlink would charge me a reactivation fee and a monthly cellphone fee.

    Sprint tried their best. They called everybody they could at Earthlink. They were on hold for hours. I talked to no less than 10 different people at Sprint who attempted to resolve this issue with Earthlink. In the end I told them to forget it. I'd take a new number. This required them to cancel the hold on the number (at Sprint)...and generally do stuff that they wouldn't have to do and, as you might expect, this caused a hiccup in their system which caused me to lose the temporary number and have no working phone.

    They were genuinely apologetic about this and spent more hours fixing the problem. Everyone I talked to, at Sprint, was nothing but polite. I am very impressed with Sprint. A day later I was surfing the web on my new Sprint/Palm Treo.

    650 vs. 755p:

    1. Form factor: About the same. No antenna...slightly lighter...but I've never been unhappy with the 650 in this regard.

    2. Data speed: I've was always happy with the speed of the 650 on Earthlink. It was as fast or faster than any phone modem. The 755p on EVDO is noticebly faster. Very cool.

    3. Blazer: The older version of Blazer on my 650 didn't handle many web pages well...and it was slowwwwww. The new version of Blazer is more compatible and it, and the faster data service makes a huge difference. Before I used Xino in combo with Blazer. I'm not sure I'll need an alternative to the newer Blazer.

    4. Integrated Kinoma: Very slick...though a bit choppy with many of the available the Bourne Ultimatum trailer. The Bourne Ultimatum plays smoother on my wife's Samsung SCP-8600...but it is lower resolution. I was impressed enough, though, to buy the upgrade and I'm going to try U-tube and Orb.

    5. Google Map: Slick as snot. I have been using Map with my 650 but it isn't integrated into contacts like it is on the Sprint phone.

    6. Sprint TV: Works OK...with mixed with movie trailers...but I can't imagine ever paying for a channel to watch TV on the little screen. The radio and music videos are great for wowing people.

    7. Sprint On Demand: I like these. It is nice to have "shortcuts" to weather and news instead of having to enter Blazer. Reminds me of my old pager which would give weather, stock and news.

    8. Phone sensitivity and Sprint coverage: With roaming on Verizon networks it is the same as on my old Earthlink network which also used Sprint and Verizon. Antenna seems about the same...maybe a titch better reception.

    9. Bluetooth: Better...but still not great. Could handle greater distance than 650. Works fantastic with Treo bluetooth headset. Got static on Sony headset.

    10. Stylus: Total crap...flexes like it is going to break...but I usually end up upgrading to one with built in pen anyway. Plus, I try to avoid using the sylus as much as possible.

    11. Software: The software suite that comes with it is pretty nice...especially DoctoGo and Kinoma imbedded. Wish it included a voice dialer. Sprint charges for everything!!!! Voice, phone number backup....etc. They biggest annoyance is all the Sprint ads.

    12: Memory: 4Gb support is great...even if I have to buy a new format memory card. Unfortunately, my first experience was dismal. Received a non-functioning Transcend card. Should have done more research. Apparently, lots of people are having problems with this card.

    13. Sound quality: Speaker phone is loud and clear. Ear speaker is good too...better than 650.

    14. Camera: Definitely an upgrade in resolution and quality. But honestly, I rarely used the old one. Maybe the free unlimited picture mail will change that.

    15. Email: Better. Setups for lots of different services including Gmail. Gmail worked the first time. Don't have an exchange server so I couldn't try push.

    16. Ringtones: Hmmm...pretty much the same. But now minitones is available so I'll give that a whirl.


    WOW...what a nice upgrade! The service and support are ten times better (good riddance to you Earthlink) and the phone/pda is improved in almost every category.
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    Good review. Also, there are 175 in rebates you can send in on your phone, as some on your wifes phone, depending on what model she got.

    send the kellogg rebate to this address instead since its been changed.
    Sprint Kellogg Rebate Offer
    PO Box 540012
    El Paso TX 88554-0012
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tel0004 View Post
    Good review. Also, there are 175 in rebates you can send in on your phone, as some on your wifes phone, depending on what model she got.

    send the kellogg rebate to this address instead since its been changed.
    Sprint Kellogg Rebate Offer
    PO Box 540012
    El Paso TX 88554-0012
    Thanks for the links. I'm so tickled pink now I hate to be greedy....but another $175 in savings never hurts.
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    great review...thanks.

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