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    I was using Chatter on my 700p and now am on a 755p. Are there any advantages to using Versamail over Chatter. I don't use Chatter to store my email - I simply use it to review emails before they show up on my desktop - so I can definitely get rid of my current Chatter mailboxes. Any thoughts?
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    I prefer vm. whereas chat will allow you to see html content, and vm just shows links to it. But vm beats chat, by having access to your corporate global address book, chat nor none of the others does. The high end Snappermail may provide it. Plus vm provides active sync for your calendar, and contacts as well, whereas chat does not.
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    That assumes you're using the client to access an Exchange server.

    If, for example, you are using your Treo to access an IMAP server, then Chatter has significant advantages over the integrated VersaMail like IMAP Idle support for push e-mail, VersaMail only allows timed syncing.

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