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    I set up versamail on att with the following.


    Account: ATT
    Mail service: Other
    Protocol: POP




    email address
    incoming mail server:
    outgoing mail server:


    click advanced button
    incoming server setting
    port number: 995
    check box use secure connection(ssl)
    no check box with use Authentication(apop)


    Outgoing server settings
    port number 465
    check box use secure connection (ssl)
    no check box in use autentication(esmtp)


    I then hit get mail and all the mail syncs fine. When I go to send I get this

    sending items box

    in that is says connecting, then sending (it hangs a bit sending) then a error message of the following:

    The connection with the server timed out. please try again.

    Its like it can't find outgoing..


    May the Pda be with you!!
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    I still get a pop up asking for my yahoo username and password. It pops when outlook 2003 should be auto checking the email which I have set to 3 mins.

    Anybody else having this issue?

    May the Pda be with you!!
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    Just got off the phone with att for the 2nd time and they state there is a bug with using outlook 2003 and there new servers They state its a outlook 2003 issue that asks for the network password all the time so why does it keep doing it on versa mail? I only get my account 50% of the time when I poll it manually?

    May the Pda be with you!!

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