First of all friends I AM A NOVICE I purchased an enfora wifi sled for my treo 650 about a year ago figuring that whenever I was here in Bangkok (I live in Japan where palms are useless) I could just sit in a hot spot and connect free of charge to the net as all my friends with wifi laptops do..I've just figured out today that the sled "is not ad hoc configured" which i assume means i can't just log on to any hot spot. What i'm wondering is there any kind of software or patch or something that would enable me to use this sled to connect with any hot spot that shows up when I scan for them. I usually can get a few but i cant connect because the sled is only supported by the network "infrastructure" Never mind that I have no idea what this all means. I would just like to get this thing to actually do something useful..
Hope you people reading this who understand these things can help me out,