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    Hi all, I'm Roger in Dallas, Texas. Has anyone else out there with a 650 had a problem with their Treo "falling asleep" or more technically speaking, going into hibernation mode?
    This is the "3rd" replacement of my Treo by Sprint PCS and now this one has a totally different problem than the first two which is worse than any before.
    It literally goes to sleep at random and MUST be "soft reset" to come back to life. Hence, want to know if maybe there is a quick fix or just need to replace AGAIN!
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    What software are you using on it, and are you using the latest firmware?

    If you're using PXA Clocker, that'll do what you describe.
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    Not sure. What is the latest firmware? Haven't looked it up lately. I would have thought when they replaced this thing for the third time it would come with it. Oh well, guess not.
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    mine does this from time to time. sometimes if I pop the SD card out and back in, it seems to awaken it
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    Could also be caused by a weak signal jumping in and out of coverage or from roaming to not roaming.

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