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    I've been reading around WM6 not supported by the current version of Good.

    Just curious, I'm swapping my i830w for a Spring Mogul running wm6. I'm sure its not supported, but curious if anyone has heard a trick to get it to run.

    Worst case I will use my jobs pop servers and pocket outlook for email until September when I can install GMM 5 on our servers at work.

    FYI: if you have a device currently running WM5, do a backup of good to an SD card, do the upgrade to WM6 and load the backup from the memory card back on to your device, this will let goodlink work for most devices.

    Its the fresh install of good on a WM6 device thats the problem. OTA setup does an OS check.
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    Hopefully Good is going to be compatible with WM6 soon as it's been released for a few months already.

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