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    I was in Europe first time with my 650. I thought we had an option to add any prefix number for dialing but realized that is made to add '1' only!!!

    I could not find an option adding zero before the area code so my Treo would dial local numbers properly with the local SIM card I had. Instead, I had to add zero manually for any number when I had to dial while I was over there.

    Is there a trick or a add-on software/freeware for that?

    Prior to posting here, I searched and I was able to find some softwares though but made for Pocket PC.

    THANKS for your help.
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    There is no need to add any software. Just store all numbers in the international mobile number format. That is +x y z, where x is country code, y is area code, z is local number. For example a number in New York will be stored as +1 212 555 1212. For London it would be +44 20 555 1212. Note you don't put 0 before 20 when you use this format.

    The advantage of using this format is that the phone company will then figure out wether it is a local, long distance or international call depending on where you are calling from and the number you are calling. You can be in New York, Paris, Cambridge (UK or MA), or in London, just dial the number as is and reach your friend in London or in New York without worrying about 0, 00, 011, etc.

    All this works on GSM phones. I have no idea about CDMA. It took me a while to add + and coutry code (1 for US) etc. to my existing numbers in the contact list. By the way this is the format Treo saves a number if you save it from call log or SMS. Now I can call speed dial my local Pizza Hut in US from London or vice versa. :-).

    If you want to add 0 or other numbers, try CallCards. It comes handy if you use different prepaid international calling cards to call different countries, or use different prepaid international calling cards to call from different countires. With CallCArds you can set up rules like "if a number starts with +44 in my conctacts, then first dial this 1 800 number, wait a bit and enter my calling card number, wait some more and enter the number I want to call without the plus sign stored in my contacts."

    I hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrioTreo View Post
    By the way this is the format Treo saves a number if you save it from call log or SMS.
    I wish! This is not the case on an Australian network when working with the call log. A number which should be in the format +61912345678 instead shows up as the local number 0912345678. Getting numbers from SMS is fine, though. Perhaps this is carrier specific, or perhaps it's because of the international formats confusing us non-Americans as it's optimised for U.S. numbers

    Actually that's the problem with storing all numbers in the international format. It requires more thought when looking up a number to call from a landline (which is often cheaper). Presumably in the U.S., all you need to do is ignore the +.

    Rob, I'll try out your PlusDial before my overseas trip (it's free - unlike CallCards).

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