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    Hello, all.

    Shimon, first, let me say how much I LOVE Takephone...this is freaking me out so please help. I just emailed you so this is a duplication--you could also post your response here to help others.

    I am using Takephone 6.50, build 124 on a Verizon 700p Treo. Out of the blue yesterday I had a reset in the middle of a call while using Takephone.

    After that reset whenever I try to dial from Takephone I get the following error, even though all contacts are seen by the app: "Telephony library not found (050A)" I've just noticed also that the signal strength and battery strength no longer show in Takephone either.

    After a few tries the Treo became very unstable and then went into the "Access Powered loop of death" where it cycles between Access and Palm screens but won't boot. I was able to back up to NVBackup and I also hotsynced to my Mac--when I did, the Mac said the Hotsync wasn't completed but the Treo said it was--all data seems to have transferred.

    After the "loop of death" I had to hard reset and backup Treo from NVBackup but I still cannot use Takephone; I get the same error.

    Do you know why it happened and what is best for me to do? Can I install a new version over or should I delete 6.50 before doing so?

    Many thanks for your help, Shimon.

    Be well, all.

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    First - please install the latest version from

    Second - run TAKEphONE, go to the "Telephony" preferences page, and make sure you have "Treo" selected as the "Dial using" device at the bottom.

    Shimon Shnitzer
    Maker of TAKEphONE, 2day, 4cast, 2dial & CallCards -
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