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    I was wondering I have some conversations that were recording from callrec and how do I convert them from the callrec format to a .mp3 format or something that can be read by a realplayer or mediaplayer?


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    Are you talking about playing back on your computer or on the Treo? All the recordings are transfered over to your computer when you hotsync and, on mine at least, they playback on windows media player but are wave files.

    To find the files go to C:\Program Files\palmOne\YourUserName\CallRec
    I put a shortcut to that on my desktop.

    Not the C:\Program Files\CallRec directory

    What I like is that I can delete the files from my phone and they stay on my computer.
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    i use audiograbber (free) coupled with the lame enc mp3 codec for my wav > mp3 conversion
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