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    I am trying to help my cousin who just got a 680 and uses Goodlink. I also have a 680 (used to have a 650) but do not use any push technology. I just hotsync via the cable to my laptop, so I am in new territory here.

    Her employer told her not to load palm desktop. After getting her OTA info set up, I could see that she is constantly synced to her office email, calendar, and contacts. So there is really no need perform a sync. But how do you add apps?

    I wanted to give her some of my free apps (Keycaps, Google Maps, Flight Status, FileZ, Directory Assistance, etc) but can't figure out how to do it. For some reason, beaming isn't working. I can't tell if the problem is me or her...nothing happens. I was able to use her handset and directly download googlemaps from the web. I tried to SMS the others -- to no avail. If you don't have palm desktop, how do you add apps? She is on Windows 2000 at her office.

    Any help will be appreciated.
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    Use palm desktop. it does not interfere with goodlink. trust me I do this at work all the time.
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