I've looked everywhere to find a description, let alone a solution, to the problem I'm having (I posted in the Mac Treo forum also but no replies).

I've never used the Treo Memos app much in the past. But now I have some reference text that I've placed into Palm Desktop memos (and spent a lot of time doing) that I want to sync with the Treo 650. Well, no matter what I do, nothing ever syncs. The hotsync manager reports "memo pad did nothing." I can change conduit settings to have the mac override the treo, to have them sync, treo override mac, etc. but nothing every happens. The memos never make it to the Treo! I've tried deleting the memodb's on the treo, deleting my conduit settings file, disabling isync, even messing with the conduit plist file; no luck.

This is unbelievably frustrating, as it would seem like such a simple thing to do. Am I missing something obvious? Why won't my Palm Desktop 4.2.1 (PMac G5 10.3.9) memos transfer to the Treo 650 Spcs?

Thanks so much for any help as I'm stumped. I might even have to look at a different doc app but I want something small and a lot of apps just use the Memo database so that obviously wouldn't help me.