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    Hi! I have a Treo 700p with Sprint as the carrier. I use IMAP to send and receive emails on the Treo with my company's Exchange Server, using the unit's VersaMail software.

    I have a friend who also has a Treo 650p and he also connects to his company's email system with it (though I'm not sure of the method). He uses Verizon Wireless. Whenever I get emails from him there's a footnote on the end that says "Sent with Wireless Sync from Verizon Wireless".

    Is there any way I can do something like this on my Treo? Is it going to involve converting to ActiveSync (which we found to be VERY buggy) or using different software? It would be nice to have this on emails sent from my Treo, this way if the format or spelling is a little off, recipients will realize this was sent on a small keyboard using thumbs, etc. Please let me know, thanks.
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    A simple solution is to just add a similar line to your signature file that is attached to the bottom of your emails.
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    I didn't see a setting for that, I was hoping it would be as simple as that. Do you know how to do it?
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    Blackberry Curve 8310
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    Thanks much!

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