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    I would like to know if anyone knows of a company that will allow me to redirect exchange emails to an email, and have their email address (ie. masked for replies back to my original exchange email address?

    This is so that I can use chatter imap with corp mail. ive already tried versamail and chatter ex with no luck. it seems to be a server error.

    this seems like it would be the best possible setup.

    thanks to anyone who can advise on a sevice like this.
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    You can do this with fusemail and chatter.
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    thanks for the reply. are you sure that its something they would do? I cant seem to find it on the site when i checked. i did submit a rfi on the site, but i havent heard from anyone on it.

    are you a client of theirs? any experiences to share?

    thanks regardless...

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