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    Former blackberry customer, now have the treo 755. Trying to figure out how i can search my contacts by first name, last name or company name. It would by first or last name, but if all three are stored just the names come up and not the company name. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Hi Kevin !

    At the contacts screen, as you key in letters, the Palm OS will look for matching first, last or company names for the string of characters you have typed in thus far. The list on your screen will continue to reduce as you type more letters in.

    For example: if you have typed in "dav" thus far, you might see contacts listed on screen with
    dave or david, first names
    davidson, last name . . .
    and possibly a company that begins with dav

    However, company names will only be presented if there is NO person listed for that contact. That's just the way the PalmOS works.

    DateBk6 is 3rd party contact software that allows other types of searches. . . . . . . . .a version of datebk was used on the Treo 600 (made by Handspring before it was bought by Palm) and it seemed that many that converted from the 600 to the 650 (Palm's 1st Treo version) missed the utility that they had become accustom to when the contact software reverted back to the Palm version on the 650.

    Cheers, Perry.
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