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    I was just using it. Every time I would go to the Memos app it would reset. I restored the Memos database then it was fine.

    Later on in the day I tried to turn it on to see if I had any new notifications and the screen wouldn't come on. I took off the battery and put it back on and now it just says ACCESS and it loops. Even when I try to do a hard reset it does this.

    What to do??? Sprint says I have to wait til next Wednesday for a replacement.
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    What to do??? Wait until Wednesday. Sorry I don't have a better plan for you. I suppose you did the hard reset and restore thing.
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    yea I tried to do a hard reset... once the prompt comes up and you hit yes it does the same thing. Is there another type of reset I can try or is there something physically wrong internally?
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    nevermind... found a whole thread with info here:
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    Try leaving it without the battery tonight. I recall that helped someone with a similar problem. Sounds fried though.
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    Had the EXACT thing happen to me with memos once - Restored memos from a backup a couple months prior, then with the next reset, I got the Access loop.

    Took it into the store down the street from where it broke, and they gave me a brand-spankin new one. Even got to keep the box and everything else in it (only had my 700p with me at the time!)

    Too bad I hadn't read that thread first - LOL.

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    so far i've tried a couple stores in my area... a Sprint corp store that was too busy to look at it, and an old Nextel store that said they couldn't do anything but order me a refurb.

    I could've sworn one store told me that they'd replace the phone for u on the spot if u couldn't make or receive calls. That was a few years back tho.... maybe the policy's changed.
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    samething happened to me. it didn't matter whether I took the battery out or not. as a matter of fact I left it out until the next day when I went to the sprint store. they took the phone and told me to come back in an hour. after the hour was up and I returned they gave me a brand new phone because they were out of refurbs. they told me the phone was fried.. o well I guess another one bites the dust..
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    just got back from the Sprint store... they replaced mine with a 755p
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