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    I'm going to be painting my 650 but my question isn't about paint choices, prepping etc.

    What I want to know is this. When you take the phone apart and you have the front half of the phone in your hand, does the metallic / chrome part disconnect from the grey part of the front? IN other words is the front 2 pieces or 1 ?

    I'd like to paint the grey part either a flat or glossy black but i'd like to paint the metallic blue/chrome part a chrome right across. So if that part separates from the grey part, that'll be real easy to do.
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    When I painted mine I just taped it off. I did not want to even try it cause it looks easy to paint. Maybe others have but not I.
    I used a can of adhesive promoter before I painted it.
    I also used Krylon paint for plastic. 2 coats and 2 coats of clear to protect it and myself from paint rubbing off.

    Good luck and don't be in a rush to reassemble. I gave it two full days to cure.
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    You can't separate the front piece.
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    The silver piece on front is glued in place.

    Saying the word Krylon isn't enough. you must say KRYLON FUSION.

    KRYLON FUSION is the only spray paint formulated for painting plastic.

    It requires no sanding or priming at all. This will help keep your microlayers down to a minimum. the more layers of paint/primer you use, You are actually chainging the size of the pieces.

    I sprayed my stylus black and now it won't even fit into it's receptacle.

    even the thinnest of layers added can change how things fit together ever so slightly. <-- not a detriment, but worthy of noting as something you'll encounter.

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