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    I'm still using gizmo/grandcentral combo...and both are still free. Do you have your accounts and Articulation setup correctly ? Also, when making outgoing calls, you don't do it thru, you do it via grandcentral. Incoming calls to your phone is also free when someone dials into your grandcentral phone number.
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    Seems like a lot of work of little value, at least for me. I don't exceed my minutes, so in essence all my calls are "free."
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    Seems like a lot of work of little value, at least for me. I don't exceed my minutes, so in essence all my calls are "free."
    I was looking at it from the prospect of using the function for making international calls since that is not really "free".
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    ronbo2000...which VoIP provider do you use for international calls? I use voipbuster. I pay 10 euros via paypal and I get free calls (upto 500 minutes per week) to the following countries for 120 days...after the 120 days are over, they take about 1 cent off per minute from the 10 euros you paid until it's all gone. If you put 10 more euros, you get another 120 days of free calling. They have good rates for other countries as well.

    Andorra (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Australia (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Austria (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Belgium (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Canada (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Chile (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Cyprus (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Czech Republic (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Denmark (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Estonia (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Finland (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    France (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Guam (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Hong Kong (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Hungary (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Iceland (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Ireland (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Israel (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Italy (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Japan (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Luxembourg (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Malaysia (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Monaco (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Netherlands (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    New Zealand (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Norway (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Panama (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Portugal (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Puerto Rico (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Singapore (Landline) FREE* FREE*
    South Korea (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Spain (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Switzerland (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    Taiwan (Landline) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*
    United States (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal! FREE* FREE*

    Some folks see the bigger picture of this VoIP thing...but unfortunately, others don't.
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    I have not picked one yet. When I do travel and wifi is accessible at a cheaper rate than regular phone rates, I would like to take advantage of this.

    It confused me on the Gizmo site because the site shows that calls are not really free (outgoing or incoming). Only the Area775 seems to be the only one that will work as it is has a set up for free all incoming calls.
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    Yeah, I tried setting this up a few times and I keep seeing that I have to pay. Maybe I am not following correctly but on the gizmo site its asking to pay for credits all across the board.

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    Are you using GrandCentral to Gizmo? Incoming calls to Gizmo are free (or at least they were...). So if someone calls your GrandCentral number (which you can create in your local area code), and you have that forward to your Gizmo number, the call should be free. When you want to call out, you don't call out through Gizmo, you go to the GrandCentral site, tell it to call the other person, and to call you through Gizmo. So all calls are incoming calls, you don't make any outgoing calls through Articulation itself.
  8.    #48 make calls thru They "bridge" your call with the person you want to reach. Grandcentral then calls you and the other person and you're connected. If you want to do it thru your Treo, you go to instead, which is the mobile version of their main web site. Grandcentral also gives you a real US number which you need to forward to your Gizmo "747" number (read the first page for details) via grandcentral's config settings.

    I was in Barbados a couple of weeks ago. I used my laptop's WiFi to connect to the Internet, then I used reverse Bluetooth DUN to make and receive calls in my Treo to the US. Calls were entirely free via Gizmo/Grandcentral.

    ...and again...incoming and outgoing calls are STILL FREE.
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    AlpineMan, I know you posted your settings (for your account access) in Articulation, but can you post your phone settings? (Codec, Options? Anything else you set?) I'm still having trouble getting an understandable connection, there has been too much static. At home, that could be because I have a weak signal, but at work I have 4-5 bars so should have a good strong signal.
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    I have speaker and microphone volumes to the max ( not necessary ). Codec has GSM and G.711 selected. No check marks on any options. Nothing on advanced.

    Just for the heck of it, I clicked on echo cancel and silence suppression. It did make a little difference. I'm not experiencing the static you're describing though with or without these 2 options.
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    If anyone has a grandcentral invite they'd like to get rid of, send me a PM please!
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    ssrjazz, I sent you a PM.
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    I also would greatly appreciate an invite to grandcentral. Please PM me if you have one available. Thanks in advance!
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    I don't have any more grandcentral invites. But you can buy 1 invite in ebay for 99 cents:

    Once you have a grandcentral account, you yourself can invite upto 10 people. So if you want, sell your invites back to ebay and make money.
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    *** NEW DISCOVERY !!!! ***

    The Gizmo Project <-> Grand Central combo certainly works, but it's a little inconvenient when you want to make a FREE outgoing call because you have to login to's web site first to make calls. Plus, you can only make domestic calls via grandcentral.

    An alternative is Grand Central <-> IPKall <-VoxAlot-> VoipBuster

    You say, WTF?! Let me explain each provider's role:

    Grand Central (FREE with invitation or 99 cents via ebay) - This service allows you to pick just about ANY US area code and phone number, which you can call forward to ANY US phone number.

    IPKall (FREE) - This service allows you to pick a Washington state area code and phone number which you can call forward to your SIP phone/account number.

    VoxAlot (FREE) - This service gives you a SIP phone/account number as well as allows you to manage outgoing call dialing plans. They work with numerous US and International VoIP providers.

    VoIP Buster (FREE somewhat) - This VoIP service provider allows you to make 500 minutes of outgoing calls per week to a number of countries (see my previous posts above for the list of call FREE countries) for 10 Euros for 120 days. After the 120 days are over, they start deducting 1 cent per minute from the 10 Euros you paid to the named FREE-call countries. Other countries in their non-FREE list have competitive rates. If you put another 10 Euros into your account, you get another 120 days worth of FREE calling. Instead of VoIP Buster, you can use other VoIP providers for your outgoing call service. One free one that I found was, but I have not experimented with this provider.

    So basically, the way this works:

    1) You configure your Articulation to login to your voxalot account:

    Username: <Voxalot member-id>
    Auth User: <Voxalot member-id>
    Password: <Voxalot Password>
    SIP Proxy:

    2) You configure your IPKall account to forward all calls to your Voxalot account:
    SIP Phone Number: (put your 6 digit Voxalot account number here)
    SIP Proxy:
    Email Address: (put your valid email address here)
    Password: (put your 4 digit password here)
    Seconds to Ring before Hang Up: 120

    3) You configure your account to call forward to your IPKall Washington state phone number.

    4) You configure your dialing plan to use voipbuster (or whatever VoIP provider you choose). My voxalot dialing plan for voipbuster looks like this:

    1) Free incoming calls to your Treo. Your callers can either dial your Washingston state phone number or whatever phone number you chose in grandcentral.

    2) Outgoing domestic and international calls are free or costs very minimal depending on the VoIP provider you choose, and you don't have to login to first to make an outgoing call. You make outgoing calls the "normal" way through Articulation.

    3) I'm also using this concept for my home. I'm using a Linksys PAP2T (unlocked) box. Previously, I was paying Verizon about $70/mo or so for our landline. I changed over to Sun Rocket for about $199/yr unlimited calls to the US, but they went bankrupt. And now this...FREE domestic and international or "pay as you go" (depending on the VoIP provider we choose for outgoing calls) and NO COMMITMENT monthly or annually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joeracer321 View Post
    I also would greatly appreciate an invite to grandcentral. Please PM me if you have one available. Thanks in advance!
    PM Sent...
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    Another thing you can do with this, is that thru Voipbuster, you can call the local voipbuster access number via your cell or landline phone, then it will allow you to dial any US or international phone number. If the international number is within their FREE calling area, then it's totally free as long as you're within the 120 day free calling period, if not, 1 cent per minute. Other countries are at voipbuster's rates.

    Voipbuster has these local access numbers in the following countries:
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    I really really need a grandcentral invite. Please PM, or send to Thanks so much in advance.
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    I believe Grand Central has closed down their invitation system. I don't see the invite button in my accounts anymore nor do I see any more ebay sellers selling invites. Your best best is to press the "Reserve" button in the web site.

    You can also try using, but their area code selection is very limited, and they don't have as much functionality as GC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    Seems like a lot of work of little value, at least for me. I don't exceed my minutes, so in essence all my calls are "free."
    yea um i agree..
    I have a FREE incoming PLAN.
    all it took was me saying ,, I want a free incoming Plan.
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