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    Ever since i installed 1.10, I am getting missed call alerts repeated 1-2 days after the call originally came in. Did some setting that I forgot about get defaulted back to do this? Anyone else have this problem?
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    YEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! i thought i was just some weird random thing thats happened twice in the past 2-3 weeks ... and didnt really think much of it - but yes - it is happening to me too!
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    well, it looks like it's just the 2 of us. Trying to figure out what both of us are doing. Do you use Takephone (I do). I wonder if this is related to the new Takephone alerts that flash at the upper left portion of the screen (which are very annoying, redundant and I wish I could disable).

    i also use Butler--can't think of anything else that would be sending these repeat (already acknowledged) alerts several days later.
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    No.. its the 3 of us.

    My phone did something funky like call my friend 5 times. Pretty interesting as I was really deep watching a TV series on DVD. My friend tried calling me back 6 times and I never heard my phone ring. Even at 7:40a with it in front of me. I didnt even hear it.. Nor vibrate on my desk.

    No Takephone.
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    I've kinda noticed it.

    But the last 24 hours, I've really noticed it.

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