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    the speaker of my treo 600 died, so it does not ring anymore (it can still vibrate though). After bringing it to Sprint, they said it needs to be replaced and they ordered another treo 600 for me under the 'Equipment Service and Repair' program that I have.

    The problem is that it has been 3 weeks now and the phone is still on back order. Sprint says they do not know when they will get it and proposed me instead to upgrade to a new phone (and, of course, to pay several $100's for the upgrade) or to pretend I lost my phone, in which case the 'Total Equipment Protection' program would send me a new one quickly, but I would then be charged the $50 replacement cost.

    I find this totally unacceptable and am wondering why I have been paying for the insurance for several years if they can just keep me with a non-working phone for weeks (maybe months?) while a replacement one is on back-order.

    Can you please advice what to do at this point? Is there a way to have sprint speed up the process??


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    The $50 is the deductible to replace your phone, right? I don't have TEP, but from what I've read, the deductible is standard. My advice: tell them you would pay the $50 deductible if they upgrade you to a 650 at least. I didn't know they're still refurbishing 600's. Good luck.
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    If you're paying for the $7 per month insurance and they don't have your phone in stock, from what I understand they should replace it with a newer model at no cost under the equipment service and repair portion of it.

    We’ll repair the malfunctioning Nextel device —
    or replace it with the same or a comparable model.
    Repair or replacement is made at our option.
    > Replacement equipment may be reconditioned.
    > If you receive a replacement device, you’ll need to
    return your malfunctioning device or pay the nonreturned
    equipment charge applicable to the model
    of the failed device. You can avoid this charge simply
    by returning the failed device as directed.
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