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    Ok, So in another post I talked about spending hours with various Palm tech support only to find out after taking my usb cable to verizon that it was faulty and had nothing to do with the software. It will take a while to get the replacment cable. In the meantime I am trying to get my treo to communicate with my brand new toshiba satellite laptop via bluetooth. My dilemma....the bluetooth manager does not give me the option to assign a virtual port. Any suggestions? It's the dreaded Vista BTW. I didn't have any problems downloading hotsync.
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    I can't BT hotsync on vista because my dongle isn't compatible. Regular sync via cable works fine.
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    It finally works. Found a mention of a pdf file from Toshiba explaining how to set up a Palm with the Toshiba bluetooth. Went thru the steps. Some things they mentioned were missing but I got the point and poof! I was able to sync. The instructions are for XP I think but it worked fine on Vista. I am soooo relieved!

    Oh, and here's the pdf if anyone else needs it. Maybe I'll make a separate post for it too.
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    Thanks deefromlv... I have been meaning to try this but haven't found the time to research it. I will give your document a try!

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