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    I have a Treo 755p and tried pairing up a plantronics 665. It works alright but I was under the impression that if both devices were on and got out of range that they would auto pair themselves back up. Is this not the case?

    If I run out to get the mail and they get out of range I have to turn off the plantronics then back on. Maybe I was expecting too much....
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    I would think you should be able to separate the headset from your 755 and then have them automatically re-pair when in range again. I have the 755 and a Plantronics 655 and it has worked OK for me, until the other day ( I wouldn't think the 665 should act any differently. However, when I went to Plantronics' website, neither the 655 or the 665 are listed as being compatible with the 755 - even though TreoCentral sells them advertised that way. The Plantronics people told me that the only Treo that's compatible is the 650.
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