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    Is it possible to pair two indentical bluetooth devices (Scala 700) on the same Treo? I have been flawlessly using one of the two devices since Feb. 07. However, I had to replace it because its cover was broken. I just received the new one today and I have been trying unsuccessfully to pair the new device (also Scala 700). Do I have the remove the old device's file from my Treo before I can successfully pair the new one? If so, what is the file's name and how do I go about removing it? I will appreciate your help.
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    no need to remove anything. I have 2 pairs of Plantronics 590A's paired to my Treo. Ive gone into Filez and renamed one of the units and taped that one with tape so I know which is which. I doubt youll need to do that since yours is broken and youll never use it again.

    Do a search for "renaming" in the BT forum and youll see the thread on how to rename your units.

    Bottom line, you can pair a second unit to your Treo with no problem.
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