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    I keep getting "Connecting to Power Vision".

    I have removed the battery and restarted the phone but doesn't help.

    I've had the phone for almost 3 weeks. At first, it would stay connected all the time. I'd only see the "Connecting to Power Vision" after I turned the phone off and back on again.

    Also, when this is happening the battery drains much faster. Maybe from the phone or applications searching for the data signal? It's a pain because because it keeps ChatterEmail from notifying me of new messages.

    Has anyone else seen this?

    Any ideas how to resolve this?

    Is there an 'always stay connected' setting I can check or some other user setting that may have changed?

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    uh oh, sounds like the power vision drops the 700p has after the MR is installed. How is your reception, when this happens? Does it always happen in the same areas?
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    Sorry, been trying to guess at this one for a while. What is the MR?

    It started happening after I was out of town for the weekend. Not sure if that had anything to do with it or just coincidence.

    Sometimes it stays connected for long periods of time. Sometimes keeps trying to connect. I haven't noticed a pattern for a particular location. Receptions is good mostly.

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    Never mind. MR=Maintenance Release. When was it out for the 755p? How is the MR installed on to the phone? I don't recall performing any updates.

    Looks like I'm running 'Software: Treo755p-1.04-SPNT'.
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    No No, the MR was for the 700, maybe I mistyped. after it was installed, us(me before the 755)started noticing the "connecting to power vision." Which meant the phone was dropping the network. I too, have noticed in the past day, several PV drops with the 755. I am praying it will not be the phone, this time.
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    It seems to happen more at my office and less so at my house. But I have seen it at both locations as well as others in the past 4-5 days. Which is a drag.

    Has your battery been draining exceptionally fast since then as well?

    I'm lucky to get 12 hours from a full charge. This was not the case last week. I haven't added any new programs or changed any settings. I'm guessing the Treo is using more power to search for the network and reconnect once it is dropped.
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    I have a sprint tower(disguised as a flag pole) less than 200 feet from my house. I stay maxed on signal, but, woke up this morning with no email. After I woke up the phone, then it started connecting to power vision. This was the same issue I had with the 700p, that led me to getting the 755.
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    Not trying to hijack this thread in anyway, but I have a postMR 700p that has these symptoms (the PV drops). My question is for those of you that upgraded to the 755, was this issue enough for you to get a replacement which ended up being the 755 or did you just get fed up and bit the bullet and paid for it? Just curious. Because I'd like to call Sprint about it but have a bit of fear now about receiving "The Letter". Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Afraid to call because of "The Letter". Truly sad. You should be afraid to call but because of "The Hold" and "The Hold Music".

    It took me about 16 hours and 3 tickets to get my voicemail time stamp to match my time zone. They only sent 1000 letters out of the millions of customers. I'm guessing it had more to due with payment history. But that is just a guess.

    I moved from a Nextel i860 to the 755p, so I can't say about the PV issue on the 700p.
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    I got my 755 as a free replacement for the PV dropping 700. This phone has started doing it the past day. I'm hoping this time it is an issue in the area. Yeah, when pv drops, my battery acts like it's running a marathon.
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    Well, I did a hard reset, updated my vision profile, then restored from backup. Drove for an hour with no pv drops. So hoping that it's cured.
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    Had another network drop today. This time I did a full RTN reset, and called CS to reactivate the phone. Had another network drop, a few hours later. Whatever is wrong with the 700p post MR, is also somewhat present in the rom for the 755p. Although, the 700p did it dozens of time a day. The 755p, so far has done it twice in one day. If this gets any worse, then I may just have to lose the money in software, and switch to a win mobile device.
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    I am having the same problems here. Sprint replaced one 755 because they said it was the phone. But this is the same problem I had with my 700p on Verizon before Verizon upgraded this area to EV-DO. Sadly Sprint has not upgraded the area.
    My phone works perfectly in any area where EV-DO is present. No searching, no freezes, no reconnecting to Power Vision every time I want to check my mail (because the auto sync also fails when the phone is not connected to Power Vision).
    In other words, this seems to be a software problem that goes away in a 3-G area. Would you think perhaps Palm doesn't test much in the low technology areas?
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    My 755p pulls the no connection stunt 5-10x a day.
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    So basically, this is the same or very similar to the UNRESOLVED problem 700p owners had after the Maintenance Release for that device from Sprint?

    Has any one seen this problem resolved?
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    I've had my 755p for about two weeks and am running into the same problem. It has to reconnect to Power Vision sporadically throughout the day. I wouldn't make a big deal about it, but it prevents me from using ActiveSync's "push" email feature. The push email won't work unless Power Vision is always connected. It is extremely irritating to have it disconnect from Power Vision for no reason. I called Sprint customer service yesterday and they were no help. The lady told me to delete my Vision profile off of the phone and re-enter it. It did not work. I would try doing a hard reset, but it sounds like it hasn't helped others on this forum. Has anyone successfully fixed this problem? Also, they offered me a free replacement, but I don't want to go through the trouble of having to redo all of my settings/favorites/etc. Has anyone found a replacement to work better?
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    There is nothing that can be done, to permanently fix this. We are waiting on a patch from Palm. After a RTN reset, I have only had it lose connection one time, for no reason. Another time for poor signal. So, it is not as much a nuisance factor with my 755p, as it was with the post MR 700p.
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    I first started experiencing this problem within the past few days. NEVER happened to me at all with the 755P. I was thinking that Sprint must me diddling with the network or something...sure explains it if many of us JUST started having this problem. I'm in Los Angeles btw.
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    I have had problems off and on for a few weeks, especially in the morning. I am pretty sure Sprint is doing something with the network. I reprovisoned my phone and it didn't help and then a few days later suddenly things better.
    Check out this other thread:
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    Im actualy a technician for sprint pcs, If you can get ahold of the MSL for your handset one thing you might try is to dial ##3282 (data) it wil pull up a screen showing you all of your vision provisioning info. after you get that pulled up (once again you have to have the MSL) hit the menu button then "restore" . this will not reset and data you have on the handset but will reset anything that might have gotten stuck when the vision was trying to provision. next go back into the same menu(##3282) , hit the menu button, and select update profile. this has fixed this issue for alot of the customers i see in my store. And about the letters sprint sent out, in order for a customer to have gotten one they had to have been calling a very high number of times (we are talking in some cases 400 to 500 times a week, it would take some MAJOR extreams for sprint to terminate their relationship with a customer
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