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    Hi, I have 700P on Sprint with the new MR.

    In the last couple of weeks, I noticed my phone favorites keep changing on its own by adding or duplicating applications (only application, not phone numbers) and changing the way it's layed out. I have modified the favorites and then the next day I see it go back to the old list including any new changes. It's been driving me crazy. I have made sure I back it up to my SD card, I sync'd it with my computer shortly after I make the changes and still the following day I'll have the old list back.

    Anyway, I gave up on modifying it so I decided to delete my phonefavorites2DB file and make a new one. Well I noticed as I'm filling up the favorites fields, my Treo will crash on the 3rd time you select "lookup".

    Have anyone experience such a problem? can someone try this and see if they get the same results.

    Here're the instructions:
    1. Make sure you have 3 or more empty fields
    2. Click on the first filed and make sure you have speed dial selected, then select Lookup
    3. Pick a name and hit add
    4. Repeat on the 2nd empty field
    5. Repeat on the 3rd empty field, at this time, Treo should crash

    If you do anything else in the middel like go to Home. then it will not crash, it has to be 3 selection in the roll.

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    Just tried those exact instructions, no crash. On Verizon post-MR
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJSunDevil View Post
    Just tried those exact instructions, no crash. On Verizon post-MR
    Thanks, I hope others will do this test, just to confirm if this is a bug or is it my Treo.
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    Nope I also just tried it without a crash. Have Post-MR Sprint Treo 700p
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    Thanks, must be my Treo. it's time to hard reset and start all over again. yuk, I hate to do that.

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