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    Today I unfortunately had to change my Internet plan for my T680 on Tmo from the $5 T-Zones to the $20 BB Connect Plan. My Internet and 3rd party apps are working again without the proxy, except for Chatter. I'm unable to send email in Chatter. Keeping in mind that I did this yesterday:

    Does anyone know how to make Chatter send mail?

    Thanks a lot!


    Actually it seems that it is directly related to that thread, as I'm able to send email on Chatter in my other IMAP account that I did not make any changes to...


    ***EDIT again

    The error message is:

    Sending error:
    535 5.7.0 Error:
    authentication failed:
    authentication failure

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    Well, I just read the Chatter manual, and I did what it said at the end, and guess what, it worked...

    Thanks for your help,


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