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    Anyone able to sync their 755 to a linux os yet. I heard there was some syncing 650 but I dont know about 755. This and orb are the only reasons I am keeping a win xp partition on my laptop. I would love to remove winblows. Thanks for any info.
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    I never got my 680 to sync right either. It would create double events, or would not get detected. Bluetooth sync worked right, but it was way too slow. I ended up installing vmware, installing windows inside it, and syncing to that. That works just great.

    That said, i sync maybe once a month.
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    I sync my 680 with Ubuntu and Fedora using Jpilot. Of course you need to have the kernel modules installed to make this work too.
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    I hate the Jpilot interface, and it didnt work right on Jpilot either. I am pretty sure i have the right modules. I think its a config issue. But frankly, I havent spent much time on this. HotSync is not at all important to me. I wish the Palm OS had a automagic sync over the internet, like the Hiptop/Sidekick.
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    I am using Kubuntu and have tried a k-pilot but it did not work. Saw the device but never did a sync.How did you enable it in the kernel. I tried gentoo which had the ability but never tried to edit the kernel using ubuntu/kubuntu. Command was like make_menuconfig i think.
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    the module is called 'visor' do a 'sudo modprobe visor'. With Kpilot, make sure you do a nvbackup first of the device. then try modprobe. do 'dmesg' it should have no errors.

    after that start kpilot, click the hotsync button, or restart the hotsync daemon. Within two-three seconds of doing that click hotsync on your treo. or it wont work.

    Edit: restart the kpilot hotsync daemon after every attempt.
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