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    I just started having a problem I hope someone can help me with.

    I just noticed that when I receive a call on my Treo 700p, it just keeps ringing and will not let me answer the call. It keps ringing until it goes to voicemail. I have been using DialByPhoto and had just set it to go straight to DBP when I pressed the phone button. I deselected that option and reset the phone. Tried it again and it worked fine. Went back to set DBP again just to troubleshoot, and it started freezing again. I deselected it again and reset, but now it keeps happening.

    Has anyone had trouble with not being able to take incoming calls like this? If so, what was the problem and how did you solve it?
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    I haven't used dial by photo but obviously it's conflicting with the phone application or another application on the phone. What other third party software do you have that integrates with incoming or outgoing calls?
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    I use both Dial By Photo and Your Call. Problem is, I have been using both for some time and am only now having this problem. Don't know why it would just start doing this now...
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    Well, I ended up deleting DBP. I hated doing it because I liked it. But at least YourCal still seems to work. DBP was nice eye candy, but YourCall is the more productive and useful app.

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