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    Hi - I have updated my 700w with the new Verizon update 1.22 - which i understand should give me music or audible books through stereo bluetooth headsets. - Which is fine if you have a bluetooth stereo headset. I have a Jawbone because I have found it to be amazing for being able to hear and be understood in noisy situatons (like my convertible).

    Can someone explain to me why I can't get my audible books to play through this headset. I dont care that it is not stereo. I have tried the Bluetooth audio hack that came out - and it clearly changes things - the little bluetooth icon changes to a headset when I click on the toggle, but no audio comes through.

    I don't understand why a cheap little wired headset will play my audible books but a $100 bluetooth headset just can't cut it. (I admit - I am not a techie) I really dont want to spend another $100 +for a stereo headset especially since none of them seem to have good phone support. And since I listen to my books most frequently in the car, I am not about to switch headsets when a phone call comes in.

    Is there a reasonable solution out there that I am just missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    up for another interested party.

    As a new Jawbone user, i too am having trouble getting it to play music through the BT. I have it set to "Headset" as well as "Hands Free" in the BT options. Any help is appreciated.

    I'm running a 700wx btw...
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    It is sort of like music - the headset has to be compliant with A2DP and there has to be software similar to Softick's AudioGateway to move it to the headset (Palm OS). Ben

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